Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme




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Expiry: Jan-15-2026

Fix Your Bike Voucher video

Fix Your Bike Voucher Tips

  • Only one voucher could be claimed per customer.
  • If you want to repair your bike, you can apply for the voucher and get a fixed amount.
  • The voucher is not transferable and it can only be used for the repairs of one bike.
  • The voucher does not cover the cost of the frame, parts, and accessories.

More About Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme

The Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme allowed members of the public to receive a voucher worth up to £50 towards the cost of repairing a bicycle. This voucher scheme is introduced by the UK government to control the price of bikes and traffic problems and global warming issues. It will help people who are less fortunate to buy bikes or parts for their bikes. 

The Fix Your Bike Voucher scheme was set up to encourage more people to embrace cycling as a means of travel during the coronavirus epidemic. Maintaining social distance is an excellent way to travel on a bicycle. It was open to anyone in England who had an unused cycle. Vouchers of up to £50 can be used with bike repairers that were registered for the scheme.

The aim of the scheme was to increase the number of bicycle journeys. This shift will have many benefits.

  • The climate
  • Public health and wellbeing
  • Road congestion
  • Air quality