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Expiry: Jan-15-2026

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More About Fideliti Childcare Vouchers

The childcare voucher scheme allows you to take a portion of your salary as vouchers, which are not subject to tax and National Insurance deductions. A salary sacrifice scheme' is what this is referred to as.

If you joined the scheme after the 6th April 2011 date, an earnings assessment will be carried out at the start of each tax year to determine your allowance for the year ahead. Your employer will do this automatically. Depending on the tax brackets you are in, you may be limited to the number of vouchers you are eligible for. The current rates are shown.

  1. Basic rate taxpayer £55 per week / £243 per month
  2. Higher rate taxpayer £28 per week / £124 per month
  3. Additional rate taxpayer £25 per week / £110 per month

After the Fideliti childcare vouchers have been deducted, your salary cannot drop below the national minimum wage or national living wage and it is important that your salary does not drop below the lower earnings limit as this could affect other.

If the child is disabled, the vouchers can be used to make full or part payments for up to the 1st of September after the child's 15th birthday or if the child is 15 years old.

They are able to be used to pay for any form of registered childcare, including nurseries, childminders, breakfast clubs, and school after-school day clubs. It is possible for them to be used for private tuition if the site is registered with the inspectorate.