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More About Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo Vouchers 2 for 1 is a well-known zoo in Chester, England. Over 2,500 species of plants, animals, birds and fish are housed in it. The zoo has a large collection of animals including bears, penguins, elephants, rhinos, giraffes, tigers, and more. There are lots of ways to make memories with the animals at Chester Zoo. There is an education program at the zoo that teaches children about different animals, as well as a Junior Wildlife Club where children aged 4 to 12 can learn about the zoo. Chester Zoo is open year-round and has special events such as the Easter Egg Hunt and the Christmas Festival. If you want to save money on your shopping, check out the Chester Zoo 2 for 1 coupon.

A large number of zoos have been created around the world, but only a small part of them are capable of providing optimal conditions for exotic and rare animal species. The Chester Zoo was founded in 1931 by George and members of his family. This is one of the largest zoos in the UK with an area of 125 acres. People visit this place every day to see different animals, and of course at affordable prices using the Chester Zoo discount code.

More than 400 animal and plant species can be found here. About one and a half million people visit Chester Zoo each year to study and observe wildlife. According to George's recollections, the founder of this zoo was a poor man who wanted to open a zoo from the time he was a child, and the animals were kept in terrible conditions.

They're the UK's number one charity zoo and have over 21,000 animals and 500 different species. The zoo has 1.9 million visitors every year and is a full day attraction for everyone. We're open from 10am to 5pm on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. There are free car parking on site. Wheelchairs and self-drive scooters are included in the facilities for disabled visitors.